Shiny and Colorful, Natural and Unnatural.

What was a therapeutic hobby for me in my early years has grown into a full-on fascination. Working with materials that I could string on thread, wire, and chain, I've found that manipulating objects into wearable accessories for me is a satisfying creative outlet and a necessity.

I started selling on etsy in 2006 and am constantly experimenting with my jewelry in different materials, shapes, and structures in hopes that it is worthy to adorn the body of some one who appreciates my aesthetic, and makes it their own.

Through my work I gain inspiration through the aesthetics of mother nature and I strive to respect this beautiful planet we live on. The resin I use is an environmentally responsible product. It comes from a great supplier that uses green chemistry.

This company mindful of their greenhouse gas emissions reducing their energy intake by 50% compared to other petroleum bases epoxy production. The carbon used in the process is a renewable plant-based carbon as opposed to a petroleum-based carbon. The other raw materials that are used are co-products or waste products of other industrial processes repurposing the chemicals into the medium for the wearable art that I am able to create!

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